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I Need Friend Safaris!

So, I have taken up playing Pokemon Y, and I need friend safaris! Please help! 

I shall dream of better days, and prepare myself for the worst. Good night world. May you please be better tomorrow. 


I’m awkward, ugly, irrational, negative towards myself, and have anxiety. Why would any one want to be around that? I don’t.

It really hurts when someone you thought cared about you ignores you straight to your face. 

I’ve come to realize that my life is a black hole. Nothing I say or do matters. My actions do not dictate the way I interact with others. They seem to just hate me before I even get the chance. However, if I do connect with someone, another person always seems to come along and snatch that away from me. I am a walking tragedy. I wish that I could break this monotonous pain that is embedded inside of me. I’ve heard that it will get better, however for me… nothing does. It only gets worse. Maybe it’s just time to end.

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